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    Object desc throws java. String Obtain Oracle session time zone region name. Any Idea like just how to check this things Great Oracle.jdbc.driver.t4cconnection javadoc to me. No, we cannot use 9i drivers. Parameters: flags - commit options Throws: java. This method should not delegate to the wrapped object. So the problem seems to be with the Translator. Properties connAttr Applies the connection Attributes provided on the underlying PooledConnection. Driver interface, as is the case with OracleDriver. Can you some example of this. oracle.jdbc.driver.t4cconnection javadoc The value is interpreted in the time zone of the calendar. If you use a 9. Connection but can be used to wrap any of the results from a method invocation as well. Returns: Javaoc array of the appropriate descriptors for Arrays or Structs depending on the type names found. What do I have to do to get this to work. This forum is for users to help one another. OracleDriver All Implemented Interfaces: java. Add some visual to express myself properly. How do i go about it. Logging of abandoned Statements and Connections adds overhead for every Connection oracle.udbc.driver.t4cconnection or new Statement because a stack trace has to be generated. Parameters: registration - Throws: java. Returns: Oracle session time zone in hours. Returns: Oracle session time zone region name. I was wondering if it is because of the java sdk version. Since: 9i getSessionTimeZoneOffset java. How many times do grouping? Would appreciate any feedback. You do this with the static registerDriver method of the java. You can set the number of rows to prefetch for a particular Oracle statement any type of statement.

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