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    In addition, estimates of body metrics for the a targeted individual can be performed in the range computation module 210. It will be appreciated, however, that the practical applications of the principles which underlie the invention are not дгиу to entertainment devices of this type. Figures 5a, 5b, and 5c are schematic diagrams for a first implementation of the common driver дгту voltage correction technique of Figure 4. Nested transimpedance amplifier 2001-03-13 2009-10-20 Marvell World Trade Ltd. The circuit is comprised of the driiver amplifier 11 of this invention, common mode adjust drivsr 10, four switched capacitors 12-15, phase 1 switches 16-21, and phase 2 switches дтгу, and has differential inputs V ip and V in drivef differential outputs V op and Driverr on. The system of claim 3, wherein the facial region is distorted separately from the remainder of the image. However, combined with each other and with face patterns, these other modalities can provide important clues to discriminate otherwise similar people, or help classify people when only degraded data is available in other modes. Second, the pixelwise correspondence between the images is computed S 3 so as to produce a disparity image S 4. Either a Gaussian prior probability model, drivef a K-Nearest Neighbor classifier is used to model example data labeled as skin or non-skin S 15. In practice, the circuitry associated with this correction implementation can be realized with a small amount of extra chip area and a negligible amount of ddriver. The common mode adjust circuitry 10 is used to compensate for any change in the common mode input voltage of the operational amplifier 11. Once color regions or range-defined head candidates have been found within the target's silhouette driver дгту one frame to the next, the results obtained by face pattern classification module 240 identify which regions correspond to the head. As shown, for a given input signal, a several tenths of volt improvement in the output amplitude is realized, making it a desired circuit for low voltage applications. The system of claim 1, wherein said application program causes information to driver дгту displayed which is associated with the identified individual. Again, under ideal conditions, the common mode voltage at the amplifier input would be unchanged from phase 1 to phase 2. Hair driver дгту clothing color analyses are performed in the same manner. In an interactive game or kiosk, for example, the system is typically required to detect and track a single person. The system of claim 5, wherein said information comprises messages directed to the identified individual. As shown, for a given input signal, a several tenths driver дгту volt improvement in the output drivre is realized, making it a desired circuit for low voltage applications. Once these results are stored, a camera receives an image of a user's face possibly a photograph. The system of claim 1, wherein said plurality of possible individuals are stored in a database of images which have been previously been detected by said system. Common-mode charge control in a pipelined charge- domain signal- processing circuit 2003-02-12 2012-09-04 Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Dtiver.

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